Silvije Volaric | wedding FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

And answers

How much does wedding photography cost?

I understand inquiries about the prices without any information about the wedding since most photographers usually send prices of several packages among which you get to choose one. To me, every wedding is special, I dedicate myself to it completely, observe everything in detail and am enthusiastic about it as if it were my first wedding ever. That is why the whole package price thing seems to me as if a wedding salon offered only three wedding dresses that were the same size and then the bride would have to pick one. I need a lot of information in order to give you the exact price, but for the first, approximate price, I require basic information that I kindly ask you to send to me by clicking here.

Where do you live and how far away weddings do you photograph?

I live in Zagreb. There I have a studio/office/showroom where you can visit me. I photograph weddings all around the world. I love to travel and there’s no place that far that I would not come to. I will only turn down places that are under armed conflicts or that I consider harmful for my health and my life.

How long have you been a wedding photographer and how many weddings have you photographed?

I filmed weddings from 2003 to 2008, and sometimes I photographed them. Since 2008 I only photograph weddings. I’ve photographed a lot of weddings and I remember the story of every one of them, but I don’t count them. 🙂


What is your wedding photography style?

Oh my…I’m not good in defining things. So, off the top of my head, I would say it’s documentary. I tend to be invisible and capture the moment, create photographs in which you cannot detect the presence or influence of the photographer. Then again, there are newlyweds’ portraits that I adore because of the limitless possibilities and ways in which you can affect the final result. I experience the photo session as a completely different, separate part of the wedding, no matter if they happen before or after it. I love black and white photography. In most cases I know which photo will be printed in black and white even before pressing the shutter button. I love natural light. It’s a great challenge and pleasure to manage and combine the lighting created by the sky or something someone installed on the ceiling. Lighting is key to a wedding. Without it, we would be in the dark or we would have to use our phones to illuminate the place.  A sunny or cloudy day, rain, a gloomy winter… all of this affects the wedding atmosphere and I want to incorporate that light into my photographs as it is. Who am I to meddle with all of that with my own lighting? I only use flash or some additional lighting if it’s so dark that there’s no other way to take a photograph. Because of that approach, my photographs are a bit grainy, but I like that because it reminds me of the days of film cameras and it gives a certain warmth and softness that is different from the perfectly sharp digital photography. I like to “come into the wedding”, absorb the energy of the wedding and present it faithfully. I never try to impose some imaginary visual style from into a wedding. If you take a look at my portfolio it may seem that I don’t have a style at all. Everything is different. However, if you look at some more of my weddings I believe that you will find some author signature.

What is the difference between your style and the classic approach to wedding photography?

In the classic approach to wedding photography the photographer will make sure that all your guests are photographed in certain situations, they will be mindful of the symmetry so that family members from both sides are equally represented in the photographs, they will ask the guests to pose from time to time, stop an event they find important to capture, they will want to make specific photographs on their list, mostly a lot of predefined and fixed situations. My approach is completely different. I never ask anyone to pose, but I will take photographs and make portraits if your guests ask me to. I don’t wish to influence the situation I’m photographing and I would prefer to be invisible. I want all that I photograph to be spontaneous, natural, just as it is because that is when it is perfect and most beautiful. My approach requires a lot of concentration and predicting. I don’t have a list of photographs I have to take. In fact, when I work at a location I’ve been to before, my greatest challenge is trying to forget about the great photos from the last wedding so that I don’t repeat them, but completely dedicate myself to new moments.

Do you work alone or you have an assistant photographer?

Alone. There’s rarely a need for an assistant. That is mostly the case with all-day, traditional weddings when the newlyweds are far away from each other and the wedding takes place at two locations at the same time. For such weddings I hire a colleague photographer for a few hours who has a similar approach to photography as I do. All of the photographs I put on public display are absolutely mine.


Do you offer videography services?

I am a photographer and I don’t offer videography services for weddings. In my free time, when I don’t photograph weddings, I make short promotional videos, but that has nothing to do with and has no similarities to wedding photography. If having a video of your wedding is important to you, I can give you contacts of some (good) videographers or you can look for them yourselves.

Do you offer an engagement session?

Yes, I have them! I love them! That is a great opportunity for us to get better acquainted before the wedding and to take some awesome photos. I hope that you’ll want to make engagement session before the wedding.

Can we do the portraits after the wedding?

Oh, yes. That’s a far better option than having a photo session on your wedding day. You have more time, you can do it at a different location, and you’re not under stress. If you have some special places, we will go there no matter how distant they are, or you can choose a place from “my list” of great locations. I would just like to draw your attention to the fact that for some locations you need to ask for a photography permit.

Can you save our date before we definitely decide to hire you?

Unfortunately no. I have a principle of booking the date with the ones who are the first to make the down payment. Then it’s fair to everyone and there are no uncomfortable situations and complications. You are not the only ones asking about that date and I cannot please everyone.

Do you offer any discounts?

I do if it’s a specific type of wedding and I find the location very desirable. These are the situations when I want to have those photographs in my portfolio or I think of the wedding not only as work but an opportunity to visit that location privately. All of my newlyweds are given a 50% discount on photographing their child’s baptism or portraits with their child when the time comes.

Do you edit your photographs?

Absolutely every one of them. Taking photographs on the wedding day is most important, but that’s only part of the work and takes the least of my time. After it, I have to review, select, process and prepare the photographs for printing. I find that part of the work also extremely important and that is why I do it alone.

How many photographs do we get in the end?

I don’t think about the number of photographs before the wedding nor do I promise a specific number. I photograph everything that is happening around me. I capture moments and situations. The final number of photographs depends on the time I spend at the wedding, the number of people etc. For an all-day wedding the number of photographs is somewhere between 300 and 700.

How long do we have to wait for the photographs?

After the wedding, it takes me between 30 and 90 days to edit the photographs. I’m aware that waiting is tough, especially because of the parents and friends asking: “When will we get the photos?” Therefore, to ease the pressure I always send you a couple of photographs right after the wedding when I make backups. That makes the waiting easier. Well, not exactly, but it makes it a bit different. 🙂 After I’m done editing you can see and get all the digital photographs. When you’ve seen them, we start talking about books and prints. After you’ve decided for a book, you’ll have to wait extra 30 to 60 days for me to make it.

Can we get just the digital photographs, without the book?

Of course. The book and all other prints are a matter of choice after you get the digital photographs. You can collect them personally at my studio on a DVD or USB, or, if that is not convenient because you live far away, you can download them from my server and save them to an external storage of your own.

Do you put watermarks on your photographs?

No, I don’t. I give you high-resolution photographs. You can share them with friends and print them out as much as you want to. You can even make a billboard out of them – they are high resolution.  The only thing you are not allowed to do with them is give them to third parties for professional use (restaurants, flower shops, wedding salons etc.) without my permission. The rights of use are defined by a Photography Contract. That means that we will also define my rights to use the photographs for self-promoting purposes.


Can we select the photographs for the book?

Yes, that is your memory and you have the full right to decide how it will look. The process of selecting photographs for the book is not easy. The selection requires a lot of time and concentration, so there are only two options – either you select them yourself or I do it. Joint selection or some intermediate stages aren’t possible because of very practical reasons.

Can we get the original RAW photographs?

No. That is raw material. I deliver exclusively finished products. That is like asking a florist to give you the leftovers of the materials she used to make your wedding bouquet. 🙂

How long do you keep the photographs after the wedding?

If you collect the photographs personally on a DVD or USB at my studio, I wait 15 days for your confirmation that you have successfully accessed and viewed them. If you download the photographs from my server, I wait 7 days for you to confirm that you have successfully downloaded, viewed and stored them on a storage device. After your confirmation, I delete your wedding project. You have to take care of the backup copy. I suggest you save your photographs in two or more places, preferably on different storage devices (USB, DVD, hard drive) and not keep them at the same location.

What is an online wedding gallery?

It’s a gallery with photographs from your wedding that you have selected and wish to show to the people you hold dear and are not able to see in person. The gallery’s web address is silvijevolaric.com/sometextyouwrite. If you want, I can put a password on your gallery, so that only you and the people you give the link and the password to are able to view it.


Can our guests also take photographs at our wedding?

We live in the Selfie era. Everybody walks with their phones and takes pictures. We will probably laugh about that in 30 years’ time as we laugh to hair styles and customs from the eighties, but that is just the way things are now and that is why I don’t have anything against it. The real question here is can you even stop them from taking photographs? 🙂 I simply want to draw your attention to ambitious amateur photographers who don’t understand the situation and significance of the moment and are ready to do anything to take a good photo. I will not always be able to avoid them when taking pictures of you, and you will end up with them being in the photographs together with you in your most ceremonious, intimate moments, which I think is not what you would want. So, if you have a friend or uncle who is actively into amateur photography, kindly ask them to enjoy the wedding, and not to take photographs because you have hired a professional photographer. If I notice such people in time, I also inform them about this being your special day – that you want to have great photographs and that they have to be careful not to be in my shot. What you really cannot do is hire a second professional photographer or a beginner who wants to photograph your wedding for his own portfolio. I photograph alone or with a photographer of my own choosing. Videographers are no problem if you hire professionals because they do a different job, we understand each other, we don’t get into each other’s way and we cooperate easily. If you hire the neighbor’s kid to record your wedding for a little bit, because he has some kind of a video camera and has taken interest in it, there may be certain bad situations like the one with the amateur photographer.

Do you take family portraits at the wedding?

Yes. It’s an everlasting classic. Those photographs, among many other, probably won’t be very special and important at first, but their value will grow over time. In twenty, fifty or more years, they will be priceless. It’s an investment into the future, a treasure for your progeny that will be worth spending a few extra minutes because you will rarely be in a similar situation when the entire extended family is together. But if you don’t want them, I won’t make you take them.

Can we give you a list of the photographs we would like you to take?

I will only accept a list of family portraits that you would like to have. Any other list of photographs is contrary to my approach and way of photographing weddings. In that situation, (working according to the list) I would not be able to do my best, and that is why I will have to say no to you.

Do you make thank you cards?

I understand your need for thank you cards, but I don’t consider them a part of my job on the wedding day because I’m not photographing your wedding when I’m making thank you cards. There are a couple of solutions to the “thank you cards” problem. The first solution is to make an arrangement with the local photo shop which is nearest to your wedding location. I will e-mail them the photograph on your wedding day and they will make the thank you cards and deliver them to you. If the wedding is at a distant location without any photo shops close by, there is the possibility of me bringing a printer and an assistant who prints photographs and thank you cards at the wedding location. That is a more expensive and more complicated option. Another solution is that we make the thank you cards before the wedding and not think about them on your wedding day.

How can we be sure that you will show up at the wedding?

How can I be sure that you will show up at the wedding? I have a contract that guarantees that I’m 100% serious. The only thing that could stop me is an act of God. That has never happened, and I’m sure that it never will. I have contact information for over 120 professional wedding photographers and surely someone will be ready to jump in, or perhaps you will select of somebody who could replace me. I travel to distant locations a day early to avoid potential traffic jams, flight delays and other kinds of traffic complications. I have never been late to a wedding.